Rumore / North Lake - Black Maths Vol.I

DM003 gets the Black Maths series off the ground. Black Maths is all about the most introspective of the rhythms that can get the dance floor on fire. One artist per side displaying their separate musical universes with one common link: mystery. A mystery that goes from placid to oppressive, sometimes even bordering on unnerving. Black Maths is above all an exciting journey through sound.

Side A is home to Rumore, a recent discovery whose debut consists of two dense tracks dug from his live set like treasure from an archaeological site.

In Trax 6 a mix of deep chords and throbbing bass frequencies fills the atmosphere with a magma made of soul-charged sounds. This volcanic melt goes beyond the sense of hearing and becomes spiritual as well as physical. Lovers of subsonic frequencies will understand. Hi-hats in constant evolution create a sense of expectation, along with the stabs, which are pure pleasure. This is the perfect track to get the sound system vibrating and the set off to a good start, inviting all in attendance to partake in a dancing ceremony.

Trax 9 picks the spacious sensations of Trax 6 and takes them to another world. An extinct civilisation, decadent though honourable and magnificent. While you listen, this fantastic journey takes you diving surrounded by dolphins in search for Atlantis. You can hear the distant echoes of its peoples, feel the tribal percussion and the instruments swathed in golden delays in the form of unknown harps.

Side B is reserved to US artist North lake, who dazzled us two years ago with the amazing “Griswold”. (We guess Maceo Plex was impressed too).

Albeit unknowingly, Traurigkeit takes us deeper into the underwater trip we started with Trax9. Here we reach the abyssal zone and tension and risk are on the increase. Basses become sharper, chords more menacing and sound effects take us this way and that like underwater currents or become sonar echoes. The sci-fi synth lead that surfaces from time to time reminds us that despite the danger, we are contemplating something beautiful and unique while we are safe aboard the Nautilus. Steams Tunnels could continue the journey towards the abyss, but it doesn’t. We suddenly find ourselves within the oppressive confines of a pyramid, in corridors full of perils and death traps. Untranslatable inscriptions, malicious spirits, mummies, narrow passageways, torches, snares, stuffy atmosphere and ancestral dust. There is no way back.

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