Rumore - Della Natura

After releasing on Hot Haus records and Pitch Down, Rumore returns home to Discomaths with a collection of tropical beats and healing atmospheres. Cuts that are as deep and thought out, as they are danceable.

On the A- side Tucano is shaking its exotic feathers, surrounded by swirling arpegios and the distant whistles of the jungle. It takes you on a voyage to the deeps of the rain forest, as it alternates between the clarity of its pre-Columbian flutes and the magical mist lifted by its leads.

On the more introspective B- side, we submerge ourselves into Boreale, experiencing what would dusk be like in a perfect world. Emotional catharsis a waits as the intricate breaks float above the strings and pads that seem to emerge from the bottom of the ocean, and the chemical arpeggios colours the water around them.

The release closes with La Fonte, a pleasurable well that bubbles of new age. The humid guitars and warm vapours pass over us in a paused moment of hypnotic massage.

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