Clip! - Love Harder

Discomaths 002 brings us Clip’s sweetest and most emotional side. Further removed from his techno facet, but no less intense.

“Only one” is made up of warm synths and summery atmospheres that breeze through the dusk of a summer of romance, recreating an unrelenting declaration of love amid kisses and caresses.

“Love harder” bears down on the dance floor with a powerful and thick base that is peppered by constant ultra-funky synth lashes, playful percussions, lustful vocals and drippy atmospheres. This cocktail of lust is the dirtiest and most sensual track of the EP.

“Hope you feel” builds on the same feeling from “Only one”, and gives it extra intensity. If “Hope you feel” reflects the full power of infatuation, “Love harder” shows us unbridled passion and “Only one”, consummate love.

“U don’t have to” is reminiscent of reconciliation, a tender apology, a misunderstanding threatening a romance. Its beautiful sad undertones suggest the harm done, and the harmony, together with the vocals, makes up the perfect ending for an EP that revolves around the highest and purest feelings any person can have

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