Kresy - New Experiences on Old Hardware

DM004 unveils Kresy‘s most experimental, analogue and lysergic side. The three tracks describe a vibrant and timeless spiral that connects the lust of late 80’s acid sound with the rusty warehouses of abandoned factories in the mining town where he grew up.

“Frog acid” is a sharp mouthful that will make anyone float when they try to swing through its frenzied Roland-chiselled tempo. A track with an elusive backbone and malicious rhythm, an adrenaline rush made up of saw oscillators steeped in a chaos of delays and distortion. It’s like an acid fix straight to the spinal cord. Designed with very bad intentions to cloud the mind of dancers in the small hours of the night.

“Washelator” swaps Rolands for freight cars. Rough but mysteriously hedonistic, this track combines an industrial flavour with lighter sparkles that create time shifts in our perception, mood and conscious state.

“It’s all really happening” is a live jam recorded with Clip!, a label regular. The result of the improvisation session was a piece of deep house with an underwater feel that bounces and becomes dismembered, colliding with rougher, constantly moving and more undulating mental sequences.

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